Meet The Team

EZYsleeve is currently a team of 3:

John-Paul Hunter

John-Paul is the inventor of EZYsleeve. John-Paul first thought of the idea for EZYsleeve about 3 or 4 years ago. It came about as a result of his frustration with getting bottles back into an ice filled cooler / esky once they had been removed to pour a drink. When the bottle was removed the ice would cave in and make it totally frustrating trying to get it back into the ice. EZYsleeve solves the problem by creating a "chill zone" for the bottle. It can be removed and replaced with zero effort, thereby eliminating the frustration and making socialising so much more enjoyable. It also ensures opened bottles (e.g. Champagne) remain upright with no danger of spillage while placing the bottle back into your cooler / esky. A redundancy package in 2015 allowed John-Paul to pursue the EZYsleeve concept to the point where it is now in production and full patent applications have been submitted for Australia, USA and New Zealand. 

Tricia Hunter

Tricia is John-Paul's wife and the other half (some would say "better") of the EZYsleeve "human" team. Tricia was and continues to be the "glue" that holds it all together and keeps John-Paul's stress levels in check. The decision to go ahead with our "idea" was very much a joint decision but without Tricia's confidence in the product and her support, it would not have happened. You can catch her in person at any of our market stalls and ....being from a finance background...she handles the transactions :-)

Millie Hunter

Millie is our EZYsleeve guard dog. She has the job of protecting our shipment of EZYsleeves. She is completely dedicated to the task of ensuring our stock is safe from untoward types. We suggest you never make direct eye contact with Millie while she is "on duty" for fear of her following you home and loving you forever.