This is what they are saying!

Matty - Port Pirie, SA

EZYsleeve…… it's exactly that !! The name says it all, it eliminates the frustration you have, not only packing an esky but the use of the Esky throughout the day / night.  We all know what happens when your Esky lid won't shut because a bottle won't fit back into the ice. The ice melts in no time. We have 2 children. The lid is never closed after they grab the water or soft drink...not anymore, no excuses because that's where it goes…..right back into it’s  EZYsleeve...let's face it ice isn't cheap either. The EZYsleeve is up there with the bloody post it note pad in my view. It's a bloody ripper.

Jenny – Adelaide, South Australia

 EZYsleeve is a great invention - I have used it a few times and only have one but will definitely be getting another one! Not only good for wine but also cool drinks - will definitely be telling my friends about it as well.

Sheridan – Adelaide, South Australia
My name is Sheridan, and I'm a 31yr old married mum of 2. I enjoy socialising with friends, and esky's have always been a part of that. The frustration I would experience everytime we went out and packed it nicely, only for it to all fall apart when we pull out the first bottle of wine, soft drink, or water.  When JP first put his idea out there on  Facebook I was instantly hooked, and became one of the first people to have purchased 4 of his original EZYsleeves. I gave 2 away as Christmas gifts (very well received!), and kept the remainder. They live in our esky's and I always get queries and jealous friends commenting! Will be purchasing a few more, my Mother In Law in Tasmania would love them! No more cold fingers from trying to arrange ice, and so easy for the kids to pull out and return their water!

Iain  - Adelaide

 "We've had Spring and Summer to road test our EZYsleeves and it has to be said they make drinking socially much easier, more streamlined and therefore more enjoyable, with zero stress  "

Tommy - Adelaide

I used my EZYsleeves for the first time last weekend. What a simple solution to an age old problem.....where were they years ago....EZYsleeve is a brilliant invention. Won't go anywhere without them now.

Leanne - Port Pirie

I LOVE my EZYsleeve! It makes life so much easier putting my wine back into the esky. Just ordered 2 more, because realistically, who ever only takes one bottle of wine..

Iain - Adelaide

We used our EZYsleeve on the Easter weekend and it solved two of life's great problems, the "Where is the wine under that mountain of ice?", and the even more problematic "Now, how the hell can I put the bottle back in the Esky?". Thanks J-P for removing a couple of my first world problems.

Bill - Sydney NSW

What a great product to use, keeps the wine cold and you don't have to worry about trying to push your bottle down into the ice. Best invention for an esky ever.

Veronica - Adelaide

Love the Ezysleeve... Never leave home without it in my esky!! Thankyou JP

Michelle - Mannum (SA)

The Ezysleeve is brilliant ! Whoever invented this is a legend.